Saturday, May 23, 2015

    Grupo R2 En

    Advancing, adapting and by opening up to our clients we are able to offer more efficiency in our work.  It is for this reason R2 was born, uniting Gestoria Roldan, Roldan Estate Administration and the Roldan and Arce Law firm, three businesses with over 30 years experience.  This enables us to offer the market quality solutions related to the administration and management of real estate products, consulting for businesses and the private sector in fiscal aspects, labor and legal matters as well as legal assistance in court proceedings.

    R2 is composed of professionals such as licensed lawyers from Madrid´s distinguished Bar Association and Licensed Property Administrators from the renowned Property Administrators Association of Madrid.  Along with the following:

    ·         Administrative and Technical Managers

    ·         Property Brokerage firms and Estate Agents

    ·         Urban development Experts

    ·         Labor and Fiscal Regulation Experts

    ·         Civil and Administrative Law Specialists


    Coslada - (MADRID)
    Av. Constitución 35-37 1ª Planta
    Tlf.: 91 673 13 12 



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